The #1 fabric + color trending in a home "Now" are: Green tones 

The #1 fabric is velvet . They are added for interiors and used for upholster sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, pillows, curtains and suitable for all types of furniture pieces. 

 The Green Renaissance will be popular inside  a home by adding lots of green in bold and light tones. 


curtains- velvet

 Velvet pillows

Here are a few patterns we love to add with lots of green or just a splash of green with velvet fabric. These patterns are available at Davina Fabrics Shop. 

What colors go with the Color of the year 2022 - Very Peri 

Here are a few fabrics we love to combine with Very Peri. Available at Davina's shop.

 - cotton solid fabrics

 - linen 

 - animal pattern 

 - velvet

 - geometric pattern - zig zag style

  -  floral pattern- tulips 

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