Bedroom Decor 

Choose a bedroom style by choosing fabric patterns and colors that suits your mood. A bedroom is one of the most personal spaces to spend your time. There are many styles on how to decorate a bedroom in a livable style that makes you feel comfortable. Decor styles can be from modern, bohemian, shabby chic and more....

Here are a few bedroom ideas to create a tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom. 


Top Bedroom Colors combined with a few of Davina fabrics patterns:

What type of bedroom lover best describes you ?

Natural Lovers

Dark brown, cinnamon + clay

bold and bright lovers

muted red, sunset pink, soft apricot + lemon yellow

Fans who love to be drenched in rich and luxurious colors

green blue, forest green, deep purple (lilac), mustard yellow

Peaceful lovers who love to relax in light colors

pale pink, gray lilac, misty blue, sandy pink , grey-green, whites to off -white + earthy tones

Buffalo check + Gingham

white on white