Curtains - light fabrics

Drapes - heavy fabrics

   Window treatments are the next best decor accessory to add inside a home. Curtain styles change according to the seasons. During the winter time , Hanging drapes are added over shades or blinds for an extra layer to block cold drafts.  (Drapes are like a jacket for your window) .

The difference between Drapes and curtains is: Curtains are lighter fabrics thin, sheer and can be very colorful .They are not lined, and do not block the sunlight completely . Drapes are heavy fabrics and lined used for blocking out light, cold, heat and gives a lot of privacy. They can hang from the top of windows to floor for a more formal Decor Style.        

Curtain Styles with different patterns

Linen + Voile 

          Parisian Chic 

 with velvet fabric -alone  or with another heavy  fabric in a solid tone -  example - beige tones


Add color to a curtain tie back style with a colorful tassel...

Best Picked Curtain Styles for Home

 Roman Shades

Assymetrica style-

elegant, classy, sophisticated 

What is the bottom line for your curtains? 

1. touching

2. breaking

3. sweeping

4. pudding

Tieback on both or one side

Tied back and puddle style in bedroo

Gingham Blue in bedroom