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     How to Decorate in Shades of Red

Trending inside our homes right now is adding shades of red. It is a perfect time to add these striking colors for this Spring season.

Shades of red hues are lighter than a cherry and vibrant like an orange.  It works on all interior decor styles from global, traditional, Boho, Contemporary, and more. 

Coquelicot (shades of red) in French for the word poppy.

We have jam-packed a few decor ideas on how to add these shades inside our home.

Keep in mind, add shades of red without overdoing it. 

  1. rosewood

  2. Sangria

  3. Tamarillo

  4. Milano Red

  5. Pomegranate

  6. Red Damask

Here are a few fabrics patterns that we love to use inside our home decor styles to express our red decor style 

rose pattern

Treat these color shades inside a home as a natural decor style. It pops just like a poppy flower, add it in bright white rooms or in a bold colored room decor style. The color red represents elegance and sophistication inside a home interior. It is a great way to bring a sense of history by adding a period furniture piece or abstract wall art with any shades of red.  

Get artsy with vibrant wall art to enliven your living room

Revive the seating area in the kitchen with red stripes or solid red color in velvet for the dining room.

Entertaining In Shades of Red!

upholstery - dining chair red solid color in velvet

Dining inside?- set up a table setting with red poppies in vases as a centerpiece  

set up an oriental table setting outdoors - with bright red bowls 

 elegant table runner

Coordinate cups with a teapot in red stripes or solid

Living Room styles for a feminine and masculine interior decor 

 Just Feminine  

Scandinavian decor style

Modern Shabby Chic - Feminine Decor with floral pattern

Modern Bohemian - only sofa to revive a neutral decor style

Funky Bohemian decor with multicolored shades of red on furniture pieces

Just Masculine with a pop of color

French style with red upholstered chairs

Do you live in an all-white decor style,  just want to add one accessory to liven up your space? Here are a few to get started. 

pillow and tassels same color 

seat cushions in a button-tufted waffle style 

Pike or Aztec table lamp

glass vases

antique area rugs

Lumbar pillow on a wicker chair or other furniture piece

You can follow these ideas by picking another shade of color 

For example- if it is not red, it can be shades of blue, green, etc...

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