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The 5 key Fabric Decor Trends for Spring and Summer 2021

1. Global Influence Decor Styles

Bring your favorite international decor styles inside your home. Foreign textiles are popular from geometric motifs, embroidery, and large-scale patterns mixed with small-scale prints. 

Here are the best-picked captivating living room decor styles that are "SUPER POPULAR"  for this season

2. Lift your mood with the top color shades

Revive your living room with the trendiest shades of rose pink, cherry, mustard yellow, midnight blue, and green color tones. The best decor trend is to add a bold color fabric on a sofa, decorative pillows, or other furniture pieces. Coordinate with one color and use their color shades by adding them to your decor style. You can continue using these bright and bold color shades for other areas in your home with another color. 

Rose pink


Midnight blue

Mustard yellow

green tones

3. Casual Botanical table settings -Nature tablescapes in Green tones 

The next best color right after grey is green.  The best part decorating with green it is one of the peaceful interior and exterior design trends. It is so easy to set up a tablescape for outdoors by adding green plants or palm leaves. Create your own green tropical tablescape. The best fabrics to use for this style are linen or cotton in neutral tones.



4. Dare to move to the next level with cheery and vibrant tablescapes in color? 

Here are a few of our patterns that can be placed as a colorful tablescape for outdoors

 Set up a luncheon tablescape, add bud vases in any size with colorful flowers as centerpieces


 Set up a dinner tablescape by adding more candles  and few florals

5. Boucle Fabric 

A textured fabric is used for interior and exterior decor styles. 

Boucle fabric is super soft and comfortable to add to an outdoor sofa, ottoman, modern round chair, cushions or pillows.

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