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New Arrivals
Floral Patterns 

Poppies + carnations

Nature and Oriental


deep blue carnations


Natural beige and black carnation

  bold florals + butterflies 
Red Hydrangeas


leave medley


 red and pink poppies

Aztec - in deep red

Aztec Chenille


Aztec Pattern - deep blue, gold and red colors
beige circles -reverse

beige circles pattern reversible

geometric design in

grey tones-reversible

Damask - beige + grey

Geometric Designs

Aztec -bold yellow and blue

Shabby Chic Florals


 Red Hydrangeas


Geometric Tiles- Red + Pink tones

#01- GT

#02- GT

Ikat- in golden yellow

Oriental in gold background

Ikat- in maroon red

Ikat- in blue

Ladies 1 + 2

Aztec - Teal and rustic tones

bold florals in black background

Missoni &Tribal 

MP #01

TP #01- black

MP #02

MP #03

Acapulco in Cobalt blue #03

Nature- Safari -Small leaves

horse pattern

-  decorative pillows or handbags

Colorful Leaves

small leaves-red and pink
red and pink tones leaves # 01
small leaves in green tones

small leaves -green tones #02

Animal Prints

- gold safari

- black panther

Safari- black +grey tones
Safari - gold tones
leave patterns #03


Perfect pattern for pillows or wall art


Zig Zag Pattern and Toile du Jouy

Zig Zag design in black , deep blue, turquoise + orange

sold out

Toile du Jouy in pink

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