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The best-picked patterns we love for this month- April

Here are a few of our fabrics reviving seat cushions on a wooden frame sofa,  classy chair, and more from our customers. If purchased one or more of our patterns? Send us a picture by e-mail or through our social media on how you used the pattern and we will add it to our website. We love to see your creative decor style or other ideas.
classy period chair renewed with a jazzy
blue stripes by the sea- outdoors
tribal pattern seat cushions
classy period chair - renewed with this
Palm leaves as pillow
bold blue carnations as curtains
outdoor decor as a restaurant in Paros .
seat cushions

Geometric Patterns -Tribal, Missoni, Chevron (zig zag style)

€15.00 1.45"

Floral Patterns 
Large + Small Floral Patterns 
New Arrivals
Stripes + Nautical 

Candy Stripes in red and mint green  #01

Candy thick stripes  #02 

blue corals 

light blue 

Navy blue 

Pin stripes in rustic red and olive color #03

rustic red 

blue corals in a white background

Wildlife + Nature - horses, ducks, roosters + butterflies, and more

 Chickens - beige background

 Chickens - off-white background

ducks - €15.00 1.45"

 butterflies- €20.00  1.45"

grapevine pattern


horses - €15.00  1.45"

Banana leaves 


Toile Du Jouy in ho pink

Toile du Jouy in pink

We would like to inform everyone that all of our patterns are not online.  If you want to check our latest Fabric Patterns, Please follow us on our social media located above.