Living + Dining Room Styles

There are many ways on how to create an interior decor style you love. It is important to choose 

right fabric patterns, color tones, furniture pieces and more according to the style you want inside your home. Interior styles can be from classy, modern, minimal, historical period style, contemporary and many more.

A living and dining room are the two most important areas in a home. Sometimes the living room  connects to the dining room.

A living room is used to entertain guests, welcome friends and relatives. It is a place to feel comfortable by chatting with family members and friends , listening to music or watch a movie for entertainment.

Sometimes, families keep dining rooms for formal events only! but it does not mean it can not be used for everyday.  The popular table used for a dining room is a rectangle table that includes a add on leaf for large gatherings.

Here are a few interior decor ideas for living and dining room. Keep in mind, these rooms can be informal or formal style. 

Best living room styles- trending this moment

The 4 living room styles that are best picked for Home decor are: 

Nomadic, Nordic, Scandinavian and Ratten decor styles

Nomadic Decor - perfect for people who love to travel and collect souvenirs. Mixing different cultures with colorful fabric prints. This style is more colorful than a bohemian interior style. 

 To create a Nomadic style- here are list of accessories you need- colorful covers, printed pillows, ethnic rugs, + Moroccan lamps. 

Nordic Decor- style that focus on simply minimal. The use of natural colors are added such as white, grey, blue, black, orange ,brown tones and cream color for furniture pieces and accessories

Ratten furniture is great to relax for Summer time. Perfect to add for a Bohemian Oasis decor.Top colors are neutrals, browns, green and glam gold

Scandinavian Style also focuses on nature, combines florals in colors pink, yellow, orange and green.

The use of natural colors adds bright  botanical floral prints such as red poppies, cream color, blue navy and yellow- green .

Natural Living Style 

Living in earth tones with pattern combinations

Formal Dining

White dining Classy White + black with a mix of chair styles. 

Casual dining


Blue ticket stripes

In blue tones

Traditional Style in neutral color palette living room.

The "IN FABRIC STYLE" is velvet in rich and bold colors