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Fall + Halloween Decor Trends 

Let's not waste any time! We have jam-packed the best picked Fall and Halloween Decor ideas all on one page. If you want to stay away from bold color tones for this fall season? the next best solution is to add neutral color tones to create a simple cozy home interior and Halloween decor style. 

The two accessories to keep your home feeling the fall vibes all season long are pumpkins and stylish wreaths. Recycle fabrics, create fabric pumpkins and wreaths to place on your front door or inside home. Create a boo-tiful decor style that encourages people to stop by taking a peek inside the window and admire your home from the outside. 

Fall , Halloween wreaths, pumpkins and more to add for this season

Autumn Wreath

Stylish Autumn wreaths are the best way to add to your entryway.
Here are few top wreaths that are trending now! The best part about these wreaths that they can be used again each year.

Holiday Pumpkin

Recycle or create your decor with fabrics to create accessories for fall and Halloween. Create your decor by adding decorative pillows, throw blankets, pumpkins, wreaths, spooky witch hats and many more..  


Fall basket wreath or colorful harvest wreaths by adding pumpkins, maple leaves, green botanical leaves, red faux berries and more.

Recycle bandanas or flannel shirts

Fabric pumpkins- gingham fabric with beads + burlap material

1. A spider web tulle wreath - full of creepy crawlers burlap witch wreath 

2. Burlap witch wreath -with ribbons, witch's hat and stripe fabric for witch's legs.

The #1 area in a home is the entryway

 Spook, scare and boo everyone with these entryways, a must-have to copy cat!

Top Entryways for Fall and Halloween

Boo-tiful entryways in neutral colors.

Set up a gauze mantel scarf by placing black Halloween essentials such as crows, spiders, candlesticks and many more.. Give a hocus pocus Halloween decor in your style. 

As we say - "FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT" when entering a home.

Top Mantel styles for Fall and Halloween

Halloween decor mantels do not only have to be in bold colors. Even neutral and minimal decor in white can give a room a touch of class. 

Vintage decor is trending in a home interior. If you love this style, follow this trend by creating a simple decor in neutral tones to set up a Halloween decor mantel. Add witches' hat, spooky white pumpkins,

bats, a gauze cotton cloth, scattered faux maple leaves and many more.

Be creative but be simple! Remember your decor will be so easy to look at until November.

There are so many ways to create fabric pumpkins. The best fabrics we love to create pumpkins are velvet, cotton, ticking stripes, burlap or recycling old sweaters, ribbons and vintage accessories. 

Here are few ideas to get you started on how to fill a pumpkin either with beans, candy, cotton or other ideas you can create..

Who says these patterns can not be used to decorate or create pumpkins, ghosts, and witches with a new fashion decor look?

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