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JUST A REMINDER - All of our colorful zig zag patterns are selling out fast. If you need a specific color- Now is the time to contact us or visit us to find the color you want. 

Greek Decor Revival: 
4 decor ideas to copy cat this style in your home

This trend is revamping in homes and is called " The Hellenistic Revival" from ancient Greek motifs, Greek trims, Corinthia columns + more..

Here are 4 DECOR IDEAS that we love adding to acheive a Greek Decor Revival for a home especially for summer time to feel  the Greek luxury!

1. Add Greek sculptures on console table,  book shelf, or coffee table.
The next best idea is to search a sculpture that serves as planter or vase.

2. Follow the  Greek inspired color palette- white background for walls and bold blue color tones on furniture pieces, Fabric patterns, accesseries, vases, and pots in blue and white colors.

3. Fabric patterns can be from solid blue tones, stripes or geometric patterns. The patterns that are #1 in our shop right now are our zig zag patterns  grey blue or even in bold and bright colors such as green or yellow.    

4. The last idea is to make sure to follow the 2 key principles-  Symmetry and order.  Arranging furniture pieces and accessories.  
  The easy way to create balance on both sides is to use matching pieces.  to achieve a Symmetrical look in a home.

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