Halloween Decor Styles

Ready for some spooky vibes

 Halloween Mood boards  -(create your fashion decor style)

ghost garlands + bats + fabrics
spooky chandeliars- skeletons + ghosts

 Halloween season is starting to reveal their bold colors. Transform your home decor into a scary and fun atmosphere. Welcome guests or trick or treaters with a spooky decorative wreath that encourages them to ring the bell for more Halloween surprises.

 Hosting a Halloween a party? The fun begins by adding scary decorations on tablescapes and buffets. When Halloween is over, keep those pumpkins out - Thanksgiving is next! 



Halloween Color Palette
Follow Halloween color tones
1. red
2. gold
3. orange
4. yellow
5. black
6. purple

The best picked decorative accessories that we love for this Halloween -(create your style)

Halloween witch tree

witch tree with orange lights

black veiled mason jars 

in lace- (very elegant and Gothic Style)

candle holder skulls

twisted black branches with bats.

( perfect for centerpiece)

pumpkin maple leaves in  fall colors

skeleton hands with purple sleeves. (add on furniture pieces)

ghost maple leaves -spread lots of BOOS indoors + outdoors

Spooky decorative wreaths to welcome your guests 

From a distance, welcome your trick or treaters or party guests with a Halloween wreath from spooky to very scary decor

theme. Cast a spell on them by saying "what is your favorite scary movie"?  ENTER IF YOU DARE!

skeleton theme

 movie theme from Scream, Friday the 13TH or other 

spider theme

Festive Halloween Table Decor Styles

 There are many ways to add fabrics from solids to elegant lace in black.

Do you want to move to the next level? We have added some ideas on how to use our fabric patterns for Halloween. Strike it up with these fun patterns...A little note- fabric patterns are perfect for placemats and fabric napkins.

Hosting a hauntingly Halloween dinner party? We have rounded up the best spooky and scary table settings from black and white color schemes to vibrant Halloween color tones. Ready to sit for a spell?

What's your style? with flying bats, black crows, skeleton heads, creepy spider webs, orange or gold pumpkins or other.

country Halloween set up
Gothic table setting

To get all your guests to sit - let them be in suspense with a murder mystery or which wicked witch is in the house and missing from the table?


Fabric Pumpkins 

Create fabric pumpkins - from velvet, gingham, buffalo check, fun fabric prints or just solid colors. 

if you are a fan that just wants a simple decor with no colors, stick to all white, cream or beige tones.

Halloween dress up for home accessories
Damask Lace with bats and skulls
Use it as a lampshade or curtains
       Use old fabric scraps, fishnet or other sheer fabrics to cover lampshades
Chandelier with hanging ghosts, bats or skeletons

Wicked Witch Decor Looks

 Dressing up as a witch? tired of the classy black hat look? Create an elegant or funky hat in color. Grab Barbwire and start designing with a fabric pattern you love.  

 Witch chandelier made with stockings, tulle, umbrella and black shoes

(All patterns available at Davina's shop) 

Fireplace witches legs 

Witches legs on a garden pot

 To get this look - you will need 2 pool noodles or newspapers, striped stockings, gardening pot, black pointy shoes, and other decor needs such as broom, bats, flying monkeys, etc...

Curtains and Tieback Styles 

  • Decorative black Phantom drape window swag valance either in black or red color by using sheer curtains

  • Let it loose with red sheer curtains with designs on fabric

rubber bats
spider web tiebacks with rope
skeleton keys tieback either on a chain or with beads.
A  small skull in gold or silver tieback
  • Create Halloween tassels such as white ghosts, black cats, green witches, orange ghosts or other...Pompoms are great to add also.

skeleton arm rests lightly on Burgundy velvet curtains as a Ghoulish tieback

Remember Halloween celebration is all about getting dressed up and creating your own Halloween decor to put you in a fun decor mood from cobwebs, bats, carved or no carved pumpkins, mummies, blood, ghosts + more to scare your guests ..... 


Ready to have lots of fun! 


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