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Home Decor Fashion Forecast for Fall  

Spruce up your home decor for the fall season. We have picked the best decor ideas to upgrade your home.

Fireplace season is here. That means add a fall mantel style with orange or white pumpkins, decorative vases filled with colorful autumn leaves, twigs, pinecones, gourds, and Indian corn. Choose "Your Cozy Style", in the bedroom or living room?

Dress up entrance door with a creative fall wreath to welcome fall inside your home. Say Goodbye to summer colors and add autumn colors to create a warm and cozy style with colorful throws and assorted pillows with different fabric prints. 

Decor accessories that "WOW" us for this month


Best Picked Fall Decor Mantels 

There are 2 decor styles to focus on when redecorating a fireplace mantel. 

The first decor style is neutral tones, all white with a touch of rustic color tones. Paint white pumpkins with gold stripes, polka dots or other design.

tartan blankets 

 Scottie pillows in bright and bold tartan patterns

 Yankee Candles with new fall scents- #1 scent - autumn leaves , red-apple wreath, and spiced apple

 Smell the autumn feeling 

The second decor style is in color, bright and bold according to the fall colors. The color tones are from orange, yellow, browns, olive green, and red. Create a colorful decor mantel with orange pumpkins or fabric pumpkins. Fabrics can be from plaid, velvet, burlap, etc.

 Tall vases filled with orange mums, crisp colorful leaves, twigs, red berries, acorns, and mini pumpkins can be an eye-catching decor on a mantel.


Fabric Pumpkins

Luv plaid style?


Catch the eye with tall decorative vases

Top centerpieces to add on any table

 Our best-picked simple centerpieces to copycat  


1. maple leaves in orange tones

2.florals inside a pumpkin as a vase

3. red berries with twigs

4. white pumpkins as a vase with dried flowers or in a basket

5. colorful sunflowers and Indian corn

colorful fall centerpieces

Top wreaths for entrance door 

              "Adorn Your Style"

Wreaths are a perfect way to add a seasonal touch on the entrance door or entryway. Sometimes a wreath that is overloaded with too much accessories can be too bulky. 

Here are a few simple faux wreaths that can be created and saved for next fall . 

If creating with real leaves or florals, the wreath will not last.

Mix leaves in yellow and orange tones 

Wheat wreath

combine wheat and Indian corn

Faux yellow hops 

sunflowers in rustic tones with wire ribbon 

Maple leaves and pinecones 

Best voted Fall and Winter color tones  to warm up a home for 2019-2020


These color tones are a mixture of deep, creamy yellows like Dark cheddar and soft nutty browns like sugar almond.

Orange, red, yellow and gold are mostly used colors. They are not only used alone but combining with other colors.

table decor centerpieces