Best Picked Tablescapes to Welcome the New Year -2021

We have jam-packed the best picked elegant New Years Eve tablescapes to welcome the new year 2021. 

Also - We have chosen the best fabrics we love to add to our new year's eve tablescapes. 

Start getting ideas for a magical, sparkly, gleaming table decor. The count down begins today until we welcome 2021 inside our homes. 

If purchased one or more of our fabrics -Now is the perfect opportunity to take them out and set them on your festive table.

Do you prefer a tablescape with lots of sparkling touches in gold or silver? with bold solid fabrics to stand out on the table?  The fabrics that are eye-catching to us are bold green velvet tones, floral patterns such as red roses in a light beige background, carnations in red and pink with shiny gold designs on the fabric, or rich gold tones.  

Here are a few patterns below on how to coordinate materials on a table.

Shiny, Glitzy, and Sparkling Styles in Gold

hunter green-velvet
floral pattern with glitter
emerald green -velvet
rose pattern
gold velvet
large gold stripes
alberello-small trees
Gold i-kat
neutral gray florals
neutral floral pattern- Cabota

Do you prefer minimal in all white, silver, and grey tones? The fabrics we love to add to a simply elegant table are linen, silk, florals in grey tones, or large pattern of roses in one beige color scheme. Here a few tablescapes below and fabrics above.

Minimal, all-white, grey, and silver tones, elegant