Davina Fabrics offers a big selection of exotic fabric patterns for homes, hotels, yachts, special occasions, creative handbags in all sizes, and many more. All our fabric prints focus on different decorative themes to choose from for all seasons. We wholesale and retail fabric patterns for home decorating.


Give an extra "oomph" with our colorful patterns inside a home or a specific room that needs to be redecorated or decorated for the very first time. Create a new luxurious decor style you love. Let everyone gossip about "your exotic decor style" with our jazzy and funky patterns.

Our fabric patterns range from Missoni, Aztec, tribal, stripes, florals, zig-zag patterns, nautical, and more.

Marble Surface

New Patterns

Fabric Textures Available


2.80 width 

   Satin Taffeta 

3.00 meters width

 60% Linen 

3.30 width

linen -natueral tones


 2.90 width