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"Three generations of Fabric Merchants in Athens"

 In 1950 Stella and Theodore Pardo opened a small fabric shop in view of the Acropolis in the famous Agora area of Athens. In ancient times the Agora was where royalty living in the Acropolis shopped and sent their servants for the daily needs of the household. It is still a bustling and colorful area filled with locals, tourists, and business people visiting the shops, restaurants, and area hotels.

Davina Fabrics began by selling bed sheeting by the pound imported from America. Now Davina Fabrics imports the finest Designer fabrics from Europe and the United States and serves interior decorators, hotels and the Athens elite. You will be met by either Roula Pardo or Davina Davis. Roula is fluent in Greek, English, Spanish and French. Davina grew up in Manhattan and was trained by the N.Y. Interior Design School and will be happy to speak with you in English or Greek. If you give mother or daughter an idea of what you are looking for, (the colors and textures already in the room, lighting, etc.) they will be able to give you wonderful ideas to make your room take on your individual personality, warmth and charm.

'Many of our clients that have settled in Athens temporarily or permanently and find us through word of mouth" Davina comments. She goes on, "they are very comfortable conversing with us in English, French or Spanish if they don't speak Greek". Roula said ''we are no longer surprised to find people coming from Australia, South Africa, United Emeritus, France, Great Britain just to name a few and we find a common language to speak with them and help them with their home decorating needs."

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