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Fabric Description

            (Get to know Your Fabrics)

Here are the top fabric patterns used in a home interior or exterior


 A strong absorbing , breathable and light weight fabric derived from a Flax plant. It is a common material used in making towels, tablecloths, napkins and bed sheets

Canvas + Cotton 

 Canvas is a sturdy, heavy duty made with heavy cotton yarns. It is a plain weave fabric that can make an ideal outdoor fabric. Cotton is from natural fibers of cotton plants. It is woven to create fabrics soft and durable. 

  Velvet Fabric

 Velvet is highly adored for its silky soft touch and glare. It 's ideal use is for upholstery on furniture pieces in any style. 


A popular fabric used in table cloths, A cotton blended fabric made with dyed yarn which is woven with a plain weave. This process results in checked patterns made in various sizes. The most common combinations are red + white and blue + white . 

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