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Home Decorating Vision Boards
                by Davina 

The best way to create vision boards is by organizing pictures to get visual ideas on how to create decor styles for your home. Home Decor Styles include searching for the right color schemes, accessories, furniture pieces, fabric patterns, and more. It helps you plan to decorate or redecorate a room over again. 

We have created a variety of vision moods to give you an idea of how to decorate any room style with any type of exotic patterns including our fabrics also.

Keep in mind - if you have not purchased our fabric patterns yet, you can still use another pattern similar to our pattern until your first visit to our shop.

To our customers that have purchased our patterns, start getting ideas for your next home decor project.  


Let the fun begin- the goal is to discover more creative ideas for your home.


Happy decor vision board hunting!

New Vision Boards -Decor Ideas

Nature continues to be the most timeless, limitless source of inspiration for home decor. 

Live in green color tones with a touch of fabric patterns from florals, botanical leaves, palm leaves and more relating to nature. Pair different green color tones with browns, beige, and blues for a relaxing space indoors or outdoors.

Flower Power

Floral patterns are the best addition to make a space come alive and will give a room a feminine look. It gets rid of the dull and boring look in a home. All floral patterns can be from big to small prints. When adding a striking bold pattern on a furniture piece, it will always be in the spotlight when entering your home.

 stripe fabrics in bold colors

Blackout and linen fabrics keep a home warm for winter season

The two best fabrics for curtains are blackout and linen. They are functional and purely decorative depending on your space and the amount of natural light you prefer. Curtain styles can be flowing drapes, modern coverings,  classic curtains, Roman shades, or other styles . They are sure to inspire a better view at home.

The best picked Decor Tips + Quotes we luv

Embroidered Heart
top interior styling mistakes

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