Home Decor Mood Boards 

The best approach in creating mood boards is organizing pictures to get visual ideas on how to create decor styles for your home. Home Decor Styles include searching for the right color schemes, accessories, furniture pieces, fabric patterns and more to add on a mood board. It helps you plan to decorate or redecorate a room over again. 

We have created some of our mood boards in categories to give you an idea of how to decorate any room style with our exotic patterns. 

Keep in mind - if you have not purchased our fabric patterns yet, you can still use another pattern similar to our pattern until your first visit to our shop.

To our customers that have purchased our patterns, start getting ideas for your next home decor project.  


When finishing a new mood board, we will add it to this page. The next question is how will everyone find out if a new mood board is created and in what category? 


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Let the fun begin- the goal is to discover more creative ideas for your home.


Happy home decor mood board hunting!

New mood boards to copy cat and add to your home decor

Disney Adult Home Decor

Once upon a time, there was a princess who lived in her interior decor Style...


Disney Decor is not just for kids anymore.

Bring the Disney Magic inside your home. 

Create a Disney decor style to the next level for a table setting, living or dining room, bedroom, or other...

To get to the next level, here are a few tips to follow. 


1. choose your favorite Disney character or Princess  

2. follow their color schemes on pictures or from the movie.

3. Pick their top accessories used throughout the movie

4. Give an extra "oomph" to your room with printed patterns combining the solid colors used according to the theme.

Live like Rapunzel

Under the sea decor theme

Be our Guest

Classy Cinderella

Snow whites Vintage table setting

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Into Nature 

Nature continues to be the most timeless, limitless source of inspiration for home decor. 

Live in green color tones with a touch of fabric patterns from florals, botanical leaves, palm leaves and more relating to nature. Pair different green color tones with browns, beige, and blues for a relaxing space indoors or outdoors.

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Casual and Modern Farmhouse Style  

The difference between a casual farmhouse and modern Farmhouse is:

A casual farmhouse includes many colors such as red, blue, green, and yellow. That's when gingham, stripes,and buffalo check patterns enter this style. 

A modern farmhouse consists of a light-colored interior with neutral color schemes. It is more sophisticated using natural materials, toile fabrics, touches of gold, and tapestries. The other colors that can be added defining a high society look are stormy grays, purple, and blues.

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Shabby Chic & Vintage style

Shabby Chic and Vintage Chic have no particular style. It defines a room style is simple and casual. Adding elegant items that are old and worn, shiny silver accessories with painted wooden tables, soft throw rugs with lace. 

The colors added are soft pastels in mint green, light pink or blue, and barely yellow. Shabby Chic decor belongs in the floral category from light to bold prints. 

Shabby chic -slip cover

more shabby chic room ideas soon!

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Missoni, Aztec , i-kat 

For those of you who love mixing colorful geometric patterns for an energetic and funky style - Boho Chic Decor is the one for you. 

Any patterns that have mixed colors such as Missoni, Aztec, and ikat are best-picked patterns to add in a home.

Next up- more funky decor home decor styles  

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Toile du Jouy

We pronounce Toile du Jouy "TWAI-DA-ZHWEE" - Love to live like a Parisian, In a modern or country decor style ?

Toile fabric in linen or cotton features a detailed scenic or story like pattern printed in a single color. The best colors used are blue, red, pink. Toile de Jouy patterns cover everything from beds, walls, upholstery, curtains, and more.

coming soon!

home decor moodboards with Toile

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Wild animal instinct

next up - wild stallions pattern and animal prints

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Flower Power

Floral patterns are the best addition to make a space come alive and will give a room a feminine look. It gets rid of the dull and boring look in a home. All floral patterns can be from big to small prints. When adding a striking bold pattern on a furniture piece, it will always be in the spotlight when entering your home.

bold blue floral print - living room

next up- mixing floral patterns inside home