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Top Decor Trends for this Month 

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October Decor Trends

#1 - 90% Green Decor

 The green interior is trending but exterior decor styles are becoming popular also using monochromatic green colors from light to bold tones 

2. White Oasis Interior +Outdoors

White Oasis Interior and Exterior Decor for all the white colors lovers
that love to follow the minimal decor in their home. Represents -  simplicity and elegance. It instantly brightens while evoking a sense of calm and flawlessness.

3. Grand Millenial 

Grand Millenial -
Influenced by bright colors, fabric patterns, and contemporary design pieces. They are the on-trend for home decor right now

4. Vintage inspired Flair

A vintage-inspired home interior will give your home some serious character. Adding antique furniture pieces to warm up even a minimalist room. Pieces can be from ancient pieces to a piece of rustic furniture.

5. Striped interior and exterior

We still love stripe Fabrics from pin-stripes to bold wide stripes They never go out of style in a home.

Best picked patterns we love to add to a home this month

 Please contact us if the fabric pattern is still available.

Orange and green leaves

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