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Best ideas to add stylish throw pillows on Grey sofas

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 The best thing about owning a sofa in grey from light to dark tones.  It goes well with other color schemes and gives you the flexibility to change colors and fabric patterns to create a new style.

 We have rounded up the perfect mix for pillow styles for any grey sofa.

There are two ways on how to add one or two patterns with 2 solid colors-

 1. one pattern - 2 solid colors in velvet

 2. two patterns- 2 solid colors with different fabric textures- such as one velvet, or one linen or other...

Sticking to one color for a dark grey sofa?

The color that is trending is a mustard yellow color. It will revive a sofa instantly.

Try it! 

Add a variety of round pillows in velvet with fun colors such as blush pink, teal, or purple color tones.

Modern style for ladies and Gentlemen-

 For the ladies who love large floral prints in black and white. 

 For the Gentlemen - a striking geometric pattern in teal and Burgandy colors

Go natural with all-white or light grey pillows to create a simple, chic sofa style.

Fabrics can be from velvet, linen, silk, satin, or cotton. 

Revive your throw pillows with colorful tassels, fringes, or pom poms. 

Lumbar pillow in linen fabric with hot pink tassels in small and medium sizes.

Cotton textured fabric with fringe in the middle of the pillow

Bold striped pillow in dark blue with a beige fringe or other colors around the pillow- (very chic and modern)

Bring back the roaring 1920 's era by adding a flashy pillow with layered fringes. 

Fringes, pom-poms, and tassels on one pillow. Boho Chic style! on (cotton fabric) 

Velvet pillow in teal color with small multi-colored tassels 

Velvet fabric pillows- Bauble fringe style by adding two fringes on the pillow. 

Recycle a classic Turkmen rug into an antique decorative pillow- lumbar style

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