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Spring + Summer Outdoors Feng-Shui Decor 

The word Feng-Shui is pronounced "Fung-shway". 

It helps us organize and arrange items inside or outside a home. Focuses on positive energy and improves health. Keeps out negative energy, bad luck, and sadness. 

Welcome "Fung-shway" by pronouncing it the right way. Decorate a  zen style for outdoors. Pick a feng-shui element according to the color that makes you feel comfortable for your home. 


fire- red

water- blue

Outdoor Feng-Shui Luxury 

Here are a few Feng -Shui outdoor decor styles, adding one Feng-shui element or more. 

outdoors- simple white with blue striped pattern

  How to achieve a modern organic style 

1. Clear Clutter

2. Remove dead plants + flowers

3. Add energy to dead corners

4. mix the elements - earth, water, wood, metal, and fire

Create Feng-shui table settings, add the right accessories for positive energy on coffee tables or side tables.

 What type of zen decor setting will you choose for dining outdoors? 

fire + wood
water and wood
shades of grey
earth and wood
Spruce up coffee tables or side tables, here are top Feng-Shui accessories to create  positive energy outdoors
salt lamp
colorful crystals
lemons and limes
oriental florals

Here are a few of Davina's Fabric Patterns to create different table decor styles for everyday occasions 

Simply arrange your environment to enhance your life
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