Christmas Decor Tips

  By now, everyone should have set up a festive and creative interior or exterior decorating style. What about getting into a more holiday spirit by adding our latest holiday decor trends. Are you a fan of recycling fabrics? We have amazing ideas to create Christmas decorations .

Lets not waste one more minute- Jump down, start creating and copycat our ideas to add in your home. Do not forget, these ideas can be used in all home interior styles. As we always say " Be creative" . 

Happy Holidays!

The best-picked patterns we love to decorate inside our homes for this holiday season. 

Recycle a tablecloth into a table runner. Table runners are perfect to add as a striking centerpiece. Brings attention to any table decor setting. 

Table runners can be used alone or on a table cloth.  

Christmas table decor setting ideas with a runner, a tablecloth -(Your style), or place both on festive table decor. Create glamourous, classy, bold colored Christmas tree cones by recycling your fabric scraps. Perfect to add as extra decor accessories as centerpieces on table, coffee table, side tables in the living room, and more spaces inside your home to fill the empty corners .

 Christmas Fabric Tree Cones
 Add some elegance by mixing any type of fabric materials or tassels on cone trees in various colors. The cone trees can be used in all sizes from small, extra large or just one size.
Types of fabric- plaid, striped, velvet in red tones
Tassel yarn trees in green tones
   Grab bold colored leftover fabric scraps and create your very own Boho Christmas tree style.
Create No-sew fabric baubles
Grab a styrofoam ball or any other accessories that are round. It is easy to do for last-minute add ons for your holiday decor. All fabrics can be used to create no-sew baubles.
The pictures below show linen, stripes, tartan, gingham, and Christmas patterns.
How to create no-sew fabric baubles

How to fix no-sew baubles with fabric 

1.use 13” square piece of fabric 

2. Tie it with a rubber band to hold it all together

3. Use some jute twine  and tie the knot around the rubber band

4. Trim the top a bit

5. Add a bow  by using a glue gun

Best picked Christmas wreaths for this holiday season on entrance door outdoors or indoors 
Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are considered to be the #1 decoration to be placed on front door, above fireplace or other areas inside a home interior.

Do you need a new Christmas wreath for this season? There are so many creative ideas to make a fabric wreath, recycle old scarves, mittens, sweaters or collect fabric scraps from your hidden closet.

 There is never a limit on how many wreaths you add in a home. It can be one or more.... Start creating your own Christmas wreath style.

Mix fabric Patterns to create a braided wreath

mini- pillow wreath - various fabrics

scarf wreaths

Christmas Wreath Red

hanging crochet mittens or knit hat 

recycle fabric scraps with same color and fabric - shown above - ticking stripes in red color 

recycle a scarf and add your own decorations such as colorful beads, stars , snowflakes and more..

4 ways on how to create a wreath 
- a bundle of twigs
- styrofoam 
- wire wreath
- dry cleaning hanger
Best picked Christmas Tablescapes 

Informal decor settings are becoming more popular inside a home. 

Everyone is moving into natural and minimal table settings by adding lots of greenery, green tones and shades on a table. It does not mean you can not add a touch of red tones on a table. 

When setting up a table it does not have look like a rich dynasty decor style. 

Still not sure how your Christmas table scape will be set up?

We have rounded up the best picked table styles that you can copy cat on your tables-cape for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas Day luncheon with family and friends.

The best fabric to add on a table is linen. It can be used as a table runner, tabletop, placemats or linen napkins . If adding striped fabrics? Stripes can be black, red, green or other colors relating to the holiday season.  

Olive-grey table setting
table setting with branch in middle - re
Tablescape with dried fruit

Olive -grey table setting - add greenery and pine cones as a runner. Add dried leaves on white plates.

Rustic red runner in linen - add a large branch as centerpiece with red baubles .

tablescape with dried lemons, oranges + pomegranates . Add pears on plates.

simple set up with green linen runner - add a long branch , small vases with candles and dried ferns.

Black striped runner- small Christmas trees

black striped runner, small Christmas trees in gold and green, black candles on gold candleholders

A festive table setting - linen napkins in red and gold , pinecones, greenery, scented candles and red roses as a runner.

A red ticking strip napkin under a plate, red berries and pine needles on white or red plates.

 Save the wrapping paper and try a different way to wrap gifts. Wrap gifts with fabric.  
Do you want to find out the best table decor styles for New Year's Eve to welcome 2022? and more decor ideas?.   
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