The #1 table settings to Welcome the New Year 

 We have selected the best colors and fabrics we love to add on our New Year's Eve table to welcome the new year 2022. 

Get ideas and copycat these ideas to set up a magical, sparkling and shimmering table decor. . Set up a New Years Eve table setting that you love. 

If you have purchased one or more of our patterns , now is the time to use these striking patterns on your festive table.

Top Patterns that are in the Spotlight to add on a New Years Eve Table

Clock faces are a perfect addition to place on New Years Eve table. To make it more fun , add various clock faces on clear plates


If your table is round, create a giant timepiece with a plastic or paper tablecloth.

Remember New Years is all about the passage of time.

Shiny, Glitzy, and Sparkling Styles in Gold and black

The most classic tablescape is black and gold. It is one that never goes out of style. A black table setting is elegant, dramatic and you can easily accessorize it with gold accents.

If you do not want to add both, another idea is to stick to only gold accents and add an off-white table setting.

  Fabric add ons for tabletop or Fabric Napkins 


 floral pattern with a splash of glitter 

solid gold fabric

   Red table setting 

Decorate a table with the traditional Christmas colors creating a glamorous gold red table - add red wine glasses, red fabric napkins, tall glass vases filled with gold beads and baubles or pine garland with red berries as a centerpiece.



  Fabric add ons for tabletop or Fabric Napkins 

tartan pattern

Red Hydrangeas 


Minimal in all-white, grey or silver tones 

Table 1 - all white plates, fabric napkins, and a touch of gold for napkin holders and white candles.


Table. 2 - add linen fabric -solid light grey color, a fresh or artificial pine garland, silver baubles and other silver accents.

  Fabric add ons for tabletop or Fabric Napkins 

white and grey linen 

Branch pattern

 Botanical setting in Green tones

botanical decor setting ideas 

Table 1 - add pine needles, pine cones covered with gold glitter, pine branches and off -white candles


Table 2 - a fresh pine garland, disco balls and elegant silver candles 

  Fabric add ons for tabletop or Fabric Napkins 

Botanical pattern

beige linen napkin with fringe edges

white linen 

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