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Outdoor Living

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outdoor seating- luxury
outdoor living

Decorate your home like a Paradise resort by moving your indoor decor outside. What type of outdoor decor living style will it be? Nautical, Bohemian, all- stripes style, one color scheme in blue or other.

Get into an outdoor decor vibration feeling!

if you missed our outdoor living style ideas from last year - this is your chance to take a peek until our new ideas come. 

Feel free to copy cat our decor ideas. 

To view, all of our patterns click on Davina Fabrics Gallery thumbnail on the right side.

Revive your outdoor decor style on patio, garden, or backyard with 4 of our colorful water-resistant patterns. Fabric Uses from seating cushions, loungers, beach chairs, table tops, pillows and more...   

Best picked outdoor living styles with stylish chairs and porch swings. Copy cat the decor style, Get the outdoor decor look you love....

#1trend is tropical leafs decor for outdoors

            Beach vs. Pool


Blue stripes vs. Blue Geometric patterns

nautical design in beige tones

 ticking stripes





 lounge chair styles

red gingham

  Vintage seating mix with florals and gingham fabric prints in red or blue.

Backyard vs. Balcony

Porch Swings vs. Hammock Styles

Lounge in full swing striped decor mode, on soft throw pillows and snug cushions. Be ready to hop on and sway a little bit to release stress. 

 Sailboat vs.Yacht

Cruising into luxury

 Sail peacefully on a Nautical Decor with a mix of colorful fabric patterns -  blue stripes, seashells in neutral tones,  blue corals, and more... 

 Speeding fast on a luxurious yacht only with dark blue or light blue stripes

light and dark blue stripes
blue coral
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