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Thanksgiving Decor Tips

"There is always something to be Thankful for"

Plan in advance for Thanksgiving Day. Update your home decor by adding new decor ideas to welcome family and friends. The most important area that everyone will notice is the decorative table decor that will be decorated by you. Impress them with an amazing and fun decor style for Thanksgiving.  Do not hide those pumpkins yet! Just spruce them up with a new decor look. Get started and do not wait until the last minute! Time flies .....and before you know it Thanksgiving Day will be here.

Best Picked Table decor themes we love to set up for Thanksgiving 

bronze harvest theme

Bronze harvest setting

Olive green + gold theme

Olive green + gold theme

Farmhouse theme

Farmhouse theme

Black + purple Gothic theme

Black + Purple Gothic theme

copper green theme

Favorite Patterns to set up for Thanksgiving day

The Top Decor Styles with Linen Fabric for this season

The top fabric that is trending for table decor settings are linen fabrics for this season
They are simple and elegant to set up a Thanksgiving table or other events.
The top colors are white, off-white, ,ivory, grey or beige.
If adding a splash of color - burnt orange and brown tones consider to be the trendiest colors.
Lets jump into our best picked table styles below.  
Feel free to copy these styles for your table setting.

Thanksgiving Table Styles

Bring a taste of European style with a French table decor setting 

French table setting

linen fabric

French Country  Table setting

Linen fabrics consider to be the finest materials for table linens because of their long, durable fibers. Their fabric uses on table are tablecloths, placemats and napkins.

Minimal style

Linen napkins

Chic setting

Modern Rustic Style

Neutral Setting

linen napkins maybe small but your table setting will be the first thing guests and family see when arriving inside  your home.

Table settings in color with linen or buffalo check patterns that we love to add on our table to celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving day. 

Burnt orange table runner as a center piece or linen napkins placed on the plates.

Decor tip-
Never choose the same color for both napkins and tablecloths. The napkins will blend into the tablecloths.
Stick to more neutral color like white or ivory.


Buffalo check runner in black, orange , tan, red or other colors relating to Thanksgiving holiday. 
Add the runner on linen fabric -
shown on the pic 


No sew fabric Pumpkins

Do you want to add an extra fabric pumpkin, one or more to your decor? Still have time!
The easy way is no sew style. 
Recycle your left over fabrics , old shirts or sweaters.  
Wrap the pumpkins and tie the top with a ribbon ,rubber band or pin the top with a decorative accessory.

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Always be updated on the latest trends. 

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