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The Rule #3 + Slow Decorating in a home

The easiest way to use the rule of three is to display a matching set of decor in three different sizes  with the same type of object.  You can create not only with 3 objects but using other odd number arrangements like one, five, seven or nine. When you see odd number of things, your eye is forced 

to move around more. It makes a more interesting visual experience.

Here are a few ways to use it in your home.  Choose three objects to style stuff on tabletops , coffee tables, nightstands and any other surface.

The top accessories are plants, florals, lamps, books, boxes, candles, souvenirs and seasonal decor.

Living room  -coffee table style with the rule #3

Lamp  + Florals + Lamp

large pillow  + lumbar pillow + large pillow 




Bedroom  -night table





The rule of 3 inside a home should never be ignored!

The best part is this rule can be used in all Interior Decor Styles such as classy, modern, shabby chic, country style, tropical and more styles.

Here are a few ideas to copy cat and add them in your home decor style. Do not forget all decor styles can be mixed. 


entryway- place 5 objects- odd number 

coffee table with one vase, book and scented candle

        Bronze decor set up on console table - entryway
or coffee table in living room 

     minimal set up 
all  white on dining table with any type of florals and vases in different sizes

console table behind a sofa in living room -
one object, florals in vase, 3 books as a set in 

different sizes

Slow Decorating - is becoming popular for home interiors because it helps you take the time to curate the perfect space for yourself without completing it right away.
You can use the rule #3 for slow decorating by trying out where and what accessories and fabrics you like setting up in your decor style. Get to know your spaces and determine your own decor style.

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