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Best Tablescapes for Valentines Day

Heart Box of Chocolates

 A Valentine's day celebration is for everyone.  We have picked the best Valentine's table decor styles and a few Davina Fabrics patterns we love to add to a tablescape.

 Let's not forget,  Be creative, laugh, and have fun,

Express your love by spreading as many hearts you love inside your home.

" Get together with friends or family"?

" Romantic Table for 2"? 

Here are a few patterns that we love to be added to all tablescapes for Valentine's day   - These Patterns are available at Davina's Fabric shop.

Intimate Table Decor Styles for 2

 Not a fan of red or pink, white is another simple way to set up by adding color with  pink or red roses to a vase as a striking    centerpiece 

Table settings can be fun with heart-shaped plates, rectangular plates in white, or placing chocolates in a heart-shaped box.  

 Now, let us get into the exciting tablescape styles. Revive a table with punchy and vibrant patterns such as small or big florals, Missoni, ikat, stripes, buffalo check, or any other patterns. 

The best Valentine's goodies we love to place on a table are lots of chocolate hearts, bubbly champagne, plush velvet hearts in a teacup, napkin envelopes, or heart-shaped napkins.

Valentine's love letter table setting or Queen of hearts style

Chic and Vintage table in blush tones

Frosty Table style or hot pink funky tablescape

A mix of pink, red, and white plates and roses

Best Picked Centerpieces to add to table

The most important area on a table is the centerpiece. It always gives the first impression when guests start taking their seats. 

The best centerpieces we love to add to Valentine's table are:

- twigs, stems, and plant stems inside bottles or pitchers.

-  candles, roses, and rose petals

- Valentine's candy trees in one color or multi-colors

-  Valentine's hearts as a centerpiece in pastel colors or red and pink


   Here is a step by step instructions on how to make a fabric envelope, heart-shaped or rose napkins, Valentine's fabric cards, or mini-treat bags with leftover scraps that have been hidden from your last project. 

Last but not least!

Hearts and Shapes

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

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