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Winter Luxury Decor Ideas 

 Winter luxury inside a home becomes your place for a mini-getaway. Devote a "ME TIME" comfort zone in your favorite cozy corner. Snuggle up in a warm throw blanket near a fireplace, window or both. 

Here are a few of our best-picked winter luxury ideas that "WOW" us to keep toasty during the cold winter season. 

 Whether your space is large or small there is always a cozy corner to unwind after a long day. Warm-up your space with cozy patterns in warm colors , throw blankets, pillows and more.

Top best throw blankets that are "in style" for this winter season.

1. faux fur-double-sided 

2. cable knit throws

3. Soft wool with blue french stripes

4. Pure cashmere throws- co-ordinate pillows color to blanket 

5. Cotton fleece blanket


 A LITTLE NOTE -Cotton Fleece and cashmere are the warmest

 Best Fabric patterns to add for throw pillows on the sofa or other furniture pieces. Remember - your fabric patterns do not have to match, they have to go according to the style that is decorated by you. 

Intriguing ways to match the sofa, chair or other accessories to wall art inside a home.

Follow the arrows to get ideas...

 coordinate yellow florals to the gold on the painting

 coordinate sofa color to the color of the mountains on the painting

 coordinate sofa and pillow covers to floral color

 coordinate sofa and pillow covers in neutral tones to leaves or the beige background on wall art

What decor trends will be in the Spotlight for 2020

  chairs color to yellow background on the painting

  chairs color to red coral on painting

 We have rounded up the top 2020 decor furniture trends, fabrics and colors that will be in the spotlight. We plan to add to our decor for an extra "oomph" inside our home. 

What about you? 

  •  Bold, rich-hued furnishings  

  • Green accents such as plants and leaf patterns throughout your home 

  • Geometric patterns will be everywhere from couches, bedding, floors, wall art, light fixtures, etc...

  • New Trend- Biophilia Design focuses on human design and natural elements. Recycled wood in chairs, tables, floors, plants is part of this decor style. We are getting back to nature inside our homes by adding rich earthy elements such as metals, wood, and stone.

  • Feminine tones for interior- pink tones in different shades 

  • Let's say goodbye to Minimalism and welcome Maximalism style-  boost up your interior with bold and bright colors and big abstract paintings. We have gone from less is more to "more is more" very busy, cluttered and lively.

  • Barstools will be not be seen in kitchens only but in offices for higher tabletops and easy to get work done.

  • velvet will be #1 style for furniture pieces in vibrant blues, pinks, burnt orange and shades of taupe.

  • black and white interior- known as the "Yin+Yang trend". This interior involves black chairs, sofas, white throw pillows, chevron prints in black + white. 


Green Plant
Embroidered Rug
Pink Room
Modern Kitchen
Black Couch

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