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Recycling Feng-Shui Decor Tips v.1

Recycling accessories in a home is a huge trend and continues to grow.
There is always a perfect solution on how to turn old accessories into new again, nothing goes to waste. Accessories from old wood pallets, old tires, old draws from dressers, leftover fabric scraps and more, can be turned into cute and practical furnishings.
Start discovering and recreating... You will be amazed at how an old accessory can look better the second time around with more creative details and add- ons... Let the fun begin!

The next step is to change your living style in your home. Live in a Feng -shui decor-  #de-clutter, refresh and recycle with home organization. You will follow into a positive direction, gain better sleeping habits, more creativity and more energy inside your home.

1. Recycle glass bottles to create hanging pendant lights

2. Vase wraps using old sleeves from sweaters, socks, blankets and more...

3. Add fresh flowers in beautiful vases for a guest bathroom

4. Reuse seat belts by weaving them into cushions

1. recycle old draws by turning into an ottoman


2. reuse all types of wood pallet boards by applying various wood stains. Rearrange boards and mix them up. 


3. reuse old bicycle parts to create a coffee table


4. arrange accessories with old wine barrels for extra shelves in the bathroom

1. own lamps with no shades and just the skeleton? add leftover fabric scraps for a new lamp shade.


2. recycle metal to create table lamps from teapots, iron and pasta strainer.


3. transform old shipping crates into industrial style furniture such as new chairs, wine racks,

side tables + many more...

Recycle old pot lids from holders for scissors, clocks, bird baths, feeders, and wind chimes.


Recycle fabric Scraps by :

Bicycle stand by making your own out of a log or a wooden palette.

Mend/patch torn furniture with fabrics, laces or doilies

create colorful lampshades or ottoman with any fabric scrap left behind in garage or storage room

Give some flare to your old furniture - create fabric covered draws

Place fabric patterns in old frames according to your favorite theme for a tray.

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