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Stay home 

 Recycling Feng-Shui Tips v. 3

When we say shopping therapy, it means stepping outdoors and going on a shopping spree for clothes, accessories and more.

Now all of us are stuck at home due to the coronavirus all over the world. 

It is a perfect opportunity to go on a shopping spree adventure right inside your home. Start roaming inside your closets, boxes, baskets hidden in garage, attic or basement. Take out leftover fabric scraps, accessories, worn-out clothing, old furniture pieces and more. Create a new decor trend to add to your home. Find it, Style it- revive, reuse it with a new makeover. 

  Ready to start a fun shopping spree adventure? The goal is to challenge "your self-isolation", stay home and discover your creative side if you do not have one yet.

The #1 Trends Alert!

The #1st topic that all of us are talking about is the coronavirus that has spread all over the world. To keep safe and protect ourselves is to stay home.


The #2nd topic that everyone is doing for more safety is creating masks out of fabrics or old bras. To create a face mask click on the link below to see how to sew a facemask from the New York Times.

how to sew a face mask

Before + After Decor looks

Before and after results on how you can recreate from an antique furniture piece and seat cushions into a modern style.

Wall art revival

Frame patterns by using embroidery hoops in various sizes. Create a collage on the wall for any room in your home. 

Save the environment! Ditch those plastic bags!

Reuse kitchen towels or other leftover fabrics to make bags or baskets to store fruit, vegetables, bread, cake or more...

Transform old pillowcases into a dress, mini-skirt, half slip dress or slipcover for chairs.

Reverse the process with a dress or other clothing pieces.

slipcovers for chairs

pillowcases into a mini-skirt with mixed patterns

half slipcovers with lace

More ideas coming!

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