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Recycling Feng-Shui Decor Tips v.2

Feng-shui Obsession inside home with the right decor ideas

The most powerful tool in Feng-shui is "light" it can reduce negativity to improve the energy in dark corners by adding bright light but not too strong light to your living space. Draw positive energy for home with an atmosphere to feel serenity, peace, love and tranquility. 

Feng- shui your home with the right colors and top accessories to add inside a Feng-shui decor home. Recycle, renew and recreate old accessories over again to look even better the second time around. 

5 First Impressions to Feng- shui your Front door- (entrance)

 1. Clear path and make sure there is nothing blocking                        your entrance

 2. Paint Front door in a vibrant color that will pop out

 3. If your door has a glass window, cover it up with curtains or shades to provide a sense of security

 4. Add to entrance lots of lights for evening

 5.  Place beautiful potted plants to welcome your guests and family

Best colors for each room with the 5 Feng -Shui elements

Each color brings Feng-shui energies to your home. The colors that represent the 5 elements are vibrant from red to soothing blue and fresh white. Here are some ways how to combine these colors with fabric patterns. Feng-Shui decor is not only to add solid vibrant hues but to decorate with fun print patterns.


The colors used to represent the element fire includes purple, pinks, oranges, reds and dark yellows. These colors define the meaning of wealth, love, energy of joy and passion.

 Living Room
fall leaves -red tones

 These colors represent the element earth. Colors are light yellow, beige, taupe and light browns. They define stability and nourishment.


 Colors used to represent the element wood includes greens and browns. They define growth, hope and rebirth



Colors used to represent the element water includes blues and black. They define purity and wisdom


Colors that represent the element metal including white and grays. They define clarity and creativity.


Feng-shui decor tip - you can mix 2 elements together such as blue tones and grey tones

If you can't remove negativity such as a staircase that is infront of entrance door? The solution is to place plants along the stairway to spread positive energy.

Best picked accessories           to add inside

   a Feng-shui home

scented candles or fresh scented flowers
Bamboo plant 
used to attract health, happiness, love and abundance
Chinese coins

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